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Detecting new market opportunities: how to implement the great ideas

When it comes to detecting new opportunities in an ever-growing market, portfolio managers all have their own ways. But in this context of tight regulation, competition, and race for data, having great ideas does not suffice anymore, and it becomes all about implementation. It simply does not matter how incredible or innovative an idea is, if there is no feasible way to execute it in a reasonable amount of time.

If one cannot implement their strategy at all, there is no way for it to succeed. Additionally, if it cannot be carried out rather quickly, the market is evolving at such a rate that the strategy of choice may no longer be efficient once it comes to fruition.

And what about small players?

While large hedge fund or institutions rely on bespoke, tailored solutions, smaller players need to all rely on the same data sources and on the same streams. Looking all at the same thing, it becomes difficult to create any value here!

Quantilia continues to innovate and brings tailored solutions to mid-market players, combining efficient solutions and affordable packages. We are able to bring the smaller players into the world of the “big guys,” taking advantage of the opportunities available and creating a customized strategy to ensure success in both the short-term and the long-term in the investing strategies.

The most enhanced asset managers and stock pickers track thousands of securities, with a very high level of detail and rich data.

The World Bank estimates the number of listed domestic equities in 2018 at more than 40,000. If they were to make their investment solutions available to investors, those investors still have to figure out how to combine them in a portfolio to get the most out of them.

Quantilia Market Screener: what you need to see and how you need to see it

With Quantilia Market Screener, you can now define:

  • your investment-eligible universe
  • the metrics which matter most to you
  • the categories or classifications which you track internally.

Need a way to track acceleration to detect market trends? See it built directly on your account.

Looking at factors to compare funds and ETFs? Implement exactly what you have in mind, on your exact set of data, with Quantilia Market Screener, and get started with refreshed momentum, size, value, low beta, etc., accurate measurements.

More importantly, Quantilia Market Screener shows you exactly how these measurements will fit into your portfolio and what their impact will be on your financial and non-financial ratios.

Quantilia Market Screener can also run ex-ante analysis for you to figure out what the measurements will change and the diversification they will effectively bring or dissipate. With our Market Screener, you will have access to the entire picture of your investing, giving you the ability to tailor your strategy as you go and have a clear vision of your future.

Save time and focus on what matters most

In today’s environment, with a strict regulation, a growing competition, and more and more data to consider and risks to monitor, saving time and focusing on what matters most is a key differentiating factor.

Working efficiently is the most important factor that separates successful and unsuccessful investors. With the right tools, each company can be tracked with the quantity of news flow it generates, while its stock sees its tracking error with benchmarks monitored and its ESG score impact assessed at the portfolio level. Tailored, focused analytics are now key to financial institutions as each investor’s context and objective is becoming more and more unique, with its sets of regulation, objectives, and KPIs.

Multi criteria ranking and advanced search

As most serious investment strategies take numerous parameters into account, Quantilia Market Screener allows portfolio managers to define several steps for their market screening and to apply a rigorous process for organization.

This tool starts with:

  • standard fields describing a company,
  • goes down to market factors and financial ratios, including ESG filters and active selection methods,
  • applies TE optimization or guidelines checks,
  • and builds the exact workflow replicating your ideas.

Then, with specific parameters and conventions at hand, Quantilia Market Screener calibrates each step with time and optimizes your process to build strong and reliable portfolios. This tool is ideal for organizing your exact specifications and seeing them play out in real time, letting you change your strategy as you see fit in the market as a whole.

As we have also seen, the emergence of new risks is becoming instrumental in today’s market. For example, Blackrock’s 2018 survey mentions: “at 33%, geopolitical risk is the highest macro risk to monitor for European insurers, but only just ahead of environmental risk (30%)”.

Where were these two risks 5 to 10 years ago? Probably not on top of investors’ heads. It is imperative to stay ahead of the trends in order to ensure success, and Quantilia Market Screener helps you to keep the trends of the ever-changing market in order. You will now be able to quickly and easily manage everything that is important to you, your company, and the global market.

Browse between hundreds or metrics in no time, and define your exact conventions, metrics, and classification methods, which will help you gather the information you need, the way you need it. Looking for excess return? Browse thousands of available securities defining your investment-eligible universe, track all the metrics which matter to your portfolio, and get an alert when pre-defined thresholds are reached.

Quantilia is the expert in investing that can help you keep everything straight, giving your investment strategy the extra edge for the short-term and the long-term.

Why to choose Quantilia Market Screener

Quantilia Market Screener is the perfect tool for helping you keep up with each piece of your investment strategy. You are able to personalize your method down to the minutiae and witness just how it will impact your company in the years to come, consider future trends and determine what is important to your strategy and your institution. All of this and more can be done with just the push of a button, giving you a competitive edge in the investing world.