Your consulting services in a robust and evolutive tech framework

Broaden your targeted audience

Quantilia increases both your visibility and revenues in an efficient way by helping you acquire new business leads and upsell more easily. Our platform is a hub where we onboard your investment solutions and make them available to a qualified audience. We offer you the possibility to engage directly with a multitude of financial actors by giving you an exclusive access to a population comprising large pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, family offices and private banks' discretionary portfolio managers who register to access quantitative indices based on factors, themes or styles.

Investment strategy page & inbox between two users

Reliable data & calculation

We developed a simple-to-use platform with innovative access channels and media sources where thousands of quantitative strategies are conveyed (including alpha value, carry, momentum strategies in equity, backwardation or curve indices in commodities, FX overlays and so on across asset classes as well as across asset strategies). Our experts onboard your data, make sophisticated analyses, use our in-house developed pricing library and work on a daily basis on maintaining our database fully updated.

Our data management platform

Improve your web presence

Save time and money by acquiring a refined product made by finance and IT experts. We have the expertise and the focus to develop a secured product, associating quality with convenience and seamlessly integrating your solutions dedicated to institutional investors. Our team of graphical designers opens up a world of product options and gives you the luxury of choice. We work hand in hand with you to develop a product that matches your identity and graphic charts.

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Quantilia as a partner

All users rely on Quantilia as a consistent, trustful and conflictless partner. Quantilia’s organisation and capital structure guarantee its independence. Our team uses an exclusive pricing library and every formula used to extract analytics from quantitative index data is accessible to registered users.

Risk Premia & smart beta

We increase the visibility of your risk premia and smart beta strategies by making them accessible to a large base of institutional investors across the globe and thus grant systematic exposure to well-known sources of excess return. The platform also shines light on other indices to control volatility and risk, as well as on overlay strategies.