We combine skills with an attitude of innovation to deliver outstanding customer services



Our passion is ingrained in our identity and forges our savoir faire and expertise in data handling. We provide clean and selected data on our web-based solution in addition to a large base of calculus and analytics developed with a proprietary and in-house made pricing library.


We believe in the mix of cultures and backgrounds to create a real added value. Our team comprises fifteen individuals from seven countries who all graduated from top engineering and business schools and play an integral part in the company’s strategic international initiatives.


We act as an independent, privately owned and non-influenceable entity. We are not asset managers nor investment bankers. We remain focused on connecting different financial actors in the international market and providing them with exclusive insights they find nowhere else.


As a FinTech startup, we focus on identifying the needs in the market and developing solutions to fill that void. Our constant hunger for making things perfect pushes us to collaborate closely with every client to bring to reality what has been brewing in the back of their minds.


We are a dynamic & authentic FinTech Startup. The status of our innovative company allows us to be constantly blazing new trails and attract a great talent pool. Our ambition is to override the competition and establish Quantilia as a market leader in a record time.


Our work efforts are directed towards serving the best interests of both our clients and partners. We have the fundamental ability to recognise and methodically analyse opportunities. We are dedicated to offering the best products and solutions.


Our independent French FinTech Quantilia combines the specialist skills brought by each and every member of the team to deliver an outstanding customer service. We are adepts at transforming complex analytics into compelling and easy to understand intelligence. Our company has always been since its inception, and will remain, an independent FinTech whose shares are owned by its three co-founders and the top 1 venture capital fund Serena capital. The company received part of its total funding of two million USD in the third quarter of 2017 by Banque publique d'investissement and Serena capital who works with multiple startups dedicated to financial data. This funding is dedicated to financing Quantilia's activities and developing in-house made technologies.


Quantilia is the story of three co-founders whose paths crossed twelve years ago while working in the investment banking industry. Their accumulated experience in different areas of expertise allowed them to have a strong vision of the market needs and be innovative in bringing in the appropriate solutions. They envisioned Quantilia as a tool centralising all the required data on the same interface by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. All the tools and analyses provided by Quantilia are in-house developed thanks to our research and development department which closely collaborates with various institutions such as prestigious French universities. Quantilia is as a result considered as an ambassador of the French finance expertise and has been awarded with the Finance Innovation certification label.

Team building afternoon in la Promenade des Anglais – Nice