Tailor-made solutions to cast light on new business opportunities

Pension Funds and Institutions

Dedicated suite of analytics for pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and institutional investors. With above USD 100bio of assets continuously monitored on behalf of such investors, Quantilia is a leading analytics provider to institutional investors.

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Single & Multi Family Offices

Quantilia focuses on large end clients portfolio, with complex, cross asset portfolios. Taking into account your various investment vehicle and other specificities, create fully customised reports reflecting your priorities, conventions and asset allocation plans.

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Private Banks

Compelling and holistic solutions tailored to your specific needs provided by an independent and neutral partner. From Discretionary Portfolio Management to Risk & ESG or Key Client Teams, get specific solutions suited to your department, with the right type of data, analyses and reporting solutions. Get the best out of pertinent data with a large pallet of instruments and analytics to build a portfolio in line with your investment objectives.

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Insurance Companies

Accurate and daily updated data platform to face the challenges of the fast-paced international finance industry and build a portfolio in line with both your investment objectives and values. Get specific data solutions suited to the challenges you face as an insurance company, produce ESG or Solvency reports, collect files and data from your asset managers and feed your stakeholders with complete, fully customized reports.

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Asset Managers

The need for accurate data management is key for multi-management activity, as it allows investment managers to collect all the information they need to make the best possible decisions. Dive into your portfolio with the best possible granularity, get full security-level reports for your funds, calculate your own ESG scores and define the best strategy for your investment.

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ESG & Impact Investing

Enrich, strengthen and manage your ESG compliant portfolio with exclusive and sustainable investment solutions provided on a state-of-the-art data platform dedicated to institutional investors worldwide

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Liquidity Planning Tool

Illiquid assets investors more and more need to accurately pilot their cash reserves. In such an uncertain world, managing commitments and distributions is a challenge which requires specific tools and models. Quantilia Liquidity Planning Tool (LPT) enables you to forecast your needs in cash in the coming years, to plan your asset allocation and to prepare for different market scenarios

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Achieve real portfolio diversification using Quantilia’s in-house developed clustering algorithms. We help you keep the full control over your risk and gain the needed scalability to face the ever-changing financial markets.

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Artificial Intelligence

Get the most out of Quantilia’s savoir-faire in data science. Our in-house techniques, relying on artificial intelligence and machine learning, are used to develop cutting-edge algorithms and assist investors during their portfolio management journey.

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