From the consolidation of bank accounts to ESG reports

“The adoption of Quantilia's custom analytics solution marks the next step in GATE Advisory’s sustained efforts towards offering high-precision investment opportunities to its clients”



"Contributing to the success of actors like GATE Advisory is an exciting challenge, at the crossroads between tradition and innovation.” Florian Garivier, CEO of Quantilia

Chief Investment Officer,
GATE Advisory

Monitoring with offensive, balanced, defensive profiles & SAA/TAA portfolios

Bank accounts consolidation for your key clients

Quantilia goes above and beyond to streamline the process of gathering bank account information from your Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI) clients. With more than 400 banks and asset manager connections, our platform ensures a seamless and thorough reconciliation of every transaction and position, providing you with a clean and accurate overview of your clients' financial holdings. With Quantilia, you can rest assured that you'll have all the necessary data at your fingertips to generate comprehensive client reports promptly at the beginning of each month. These reports are meticulously crafted to include all the details required by your clients on one side, as well as by your internal team on the other side, facilitating efficient portfolio management. By automating the data collection and report generation process, Quantilia frees up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: making strategic investment decisions and delivering exceptional service to your clients. With Quantilia handling the administrative tasks, you can devote more attention to cultivating client relationships and driving portfolio performance, ultimately enhancing the overall client experience and satisfaction.

ESG analysis for your Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) mandates

Quantilia offers a comprehensive suite of services to support your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting needs for both mandates and discretionary portfolio management teams. Our platform is equipped to conduct a thorough security level lookthrough on your funds, meticulously aggregating data at the portfolio level. Leveraging advanced analytics, we seamlessly integrate ESG scores into the dataset, allowing for a holistic assessment of your portfolio's sustainability performance. Furthermore, our team is proficient in applying your organization's specific ESG methodology, ensuring that the reports generated align precisely with your investment principles and objectives. Whether you require standard ESG reports (PAI, LEC29, SFDR,...), custom-tailored analyses, or regulatory compliance documentation, Quantilia has you covered. Our flexible reporting capabilities enable us to generate a wide range of reports, including performance summaries, risk assessments, and impact analyses, all presented in formats that are clear, concise, and actionable. With Quantilia as your partner, you can rest assured that your ESG reporting requirements are met with accuracy, efficiency, and transparency, empowering you to make informed decisions and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable investing practices.

Private Equity reports

Quantilia stands as a comprehensive cross-asset platform, uniquely equipped to cater to a diverse array of investment classes, with a particular focus on illiquid assets. Our platform offers seamless integration and tracking of all your private equity funds and other commitments, consolidating them with the rest of your investment portfolio. By providing a unified view of your entire investment landscape, Quantilia enables cross-asset performance analysis, allowing you to gain valuable insights into the performance dynamics across different asset classes. Additionally, our platform offers sophisticated liquidity planning tools, empowering you to proactively manage liquidity needs and optimize portfolio liquidity ratios. Whether you're assessing the performance of your private equity holdings, analyzing the impact of illiquid assets on your overall portfolio, or strategizing for future liquidity requirements, Quantilia offers the tools and insights you need to make informed decisions and achieve your investment objectives. With our comprehensive cross-asset capabilities and specialized focus on illiquid assets, Quantilia is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of investment management with clarity and confidence.

Data services: collect prospectus, process factsheets, create reports

For private banks navigating the complexities of wealth management, access to accurate and timely data is essential for providing clients with personalized investment solutions and ensuring regulatory compliance. This is where Quantilia's comprehensive data services come into play, offering private banks a range of invaluable tools and resources to streamline operations, enhance client service, and drive business growth. One of the primary challenges faced by private banks is the efficient collection and management of investment data from various sources. From prospectuses to factsheets and performance reports, the sheer volume and diversity of data can be overwhelming. Quantilia addresses this challenge head-on by providing robust data collection services that gather, organize, and standardize data from a wide range of sources. By automating the collection process, Quantilia enables private banks to access accurate and up-to-date information without the burden of manual data entry or reconciliation. Once the data is collected, the next step is to process and analyze it to extract meaningful insights. This is where Quantilia's data processing capabilities shine. Our advanced algorithms and analytics tools enable private banks to quickly and efficiently process factsheets, prospectuses, and other investment documents, extracting key information and identifying trends and patterns. With Quantilia's data processing services, private banks can gain deeper visibility into their investment portfolios, identify opportunities and risks, and make informed decisions that drive better outcomes for their clients. In addition to data collection and processing, Quantilia also offers report creation services that enable private banks to generate customized reports tailored to their clients' needs. Whether it's performance reports, portfolio summaries, or compliance documents, Quantilia's intuitive reporting tools make it easy to create professional-quality reports that showcase investment performance, track progress towards financial goals, and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. With Quantilia's report creation services, private banks can enhance client communication, build trust, and differentiate themselves in a competitive market