Data Quality and Flexibility

Enhancing your capabilities

Tailored portfolio monitoring platforms

Quantilia’s data and analyses capabilities help you take better informed decisions and considerably increases your visibility on your investments, across asset classes.

Our data management platform

Lookthrough (transparency on funds and mandates)

Full, security-level look through on all your funds and mandates, with up-to-date inventories showing the highest level of data granularity.

Lookthrough solutions

Risks & ESG reports

Outsource all or part of the production of your risk and ESG reports in a fully integrated and tailor made platform, with the right level of data granularity. Generation of a wide range of legal reports (SFDR, PAI, LEC29, etc...), clients or internal reports.

Save time and ressources on your reportings

Private Equity and illiquid assets

Accurate portfolio analyses on illiquid assets, with the processing of all transactions on any type of assets (Private Equity funds, Direct Exposures, Private Debt, Real Estate, Art,...). From ratio to liquidity planning, bring your illiquid portfolio into the light of detailed analytics.

Specific Analytics on Private Equity and Illiquid Assets

The best of Data Science for your Portfolio

Assist your Portfolio Management or Risk team with the set of data they need. With enhanced consistency checks and constant data monitoring, guarantee the quality of the data used within your internal systems, or sent to your clients and stakeholders.

Empower your portfolio with accurate and complete data sets