Top Schools for Quant Analysts

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To keep abreast with the surging popularity of quantitative investment products, the demand for quantitative analysts has steadily grown in recent years and this trend is set to continue. Since the financial sector is constantly changing and becoming more complex, people who are able to understand and analyse its intricacies are highly valued in the market.

These are the top schools offering programmes in quantitative analysis and quantitative finance in the US, Europe and Asia:

US:   1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

2. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

3. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Europe:   1. University of Zurich, Switzerland

2. Ecole Centrale Paris, France

3. ParisTech, France

Asia:   1. Singapore Management University, Singapore

2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Hong Kong

3. HKUST Business School – Hong Kong