Solutions for private banks’ discretionary portfolios

Diversify your discretionary portfolio options with quantitative indices

Building on their expertise across asset classes, theme-based investments and investment styles, private banks offer their clients a range of relevant discretionary portfolios. Their acute understanding of client preferences empowers them to direct investments towards the right objectives. With an extensive range of quantitative indices, Quantilia’s built-in intuitive search tool will assist private bank discretionary portfolio managers to shortlist strategies and build discretionary portfolio opportunities.

Backtest and stress test portfolios

Among the wide range of tools to study portfolios, the backtesting and stress test modules are of particular importance to private banks. Before making strategic decisions on behalf of clients, portfolio managers can examine the historical performance of each of their simulations. Quantilia also provides the capability to stress-test their models.

Strengthen commercial trust

Building trust is one of the many challenges private banks face. With an increasing number of millennials seeking more involvement in managing their wealth, greater access to information in real-time and being digitally active, this challenge will only intensify. With access to Quantilia’s platform, you can showcase your discretionary portfolio management know-how, with professional, effective means to master volatility, momentum, and other risk and performance factors.

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Key features

Easy access to risk premia and smart beta indices

Analytics for managing discretionary portfolios

Backtest and stress test

Study factors such as volatility or momentum

Transparent methodology

Good governance