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All custom index data gathered in one place

Dedicated to quantitative portfolio managers, professional investors and index providers


hundreds of quantitative indices from 20+ top tier providers


  1. Access 5,000+ strategies from 20+ providers
  2. Filter the market by live track record, providers or risk budget
  3. Create your shortlists of indices corresponding to your needs


your quantitative portfolios and run historical simulations


  1. Build your quantitative portfolios, run historical simulations
  2. Assess the impact of different weighting schemes
  3. Incubate your portfolios in quasi live conditions


with index providers and asset managers, and showcase your expertise to investors


  1. Connect directly with index providers and asset managers
  2. Showcase your expertise to institutional investors around the world
  3. Experience a safe, efficient and reliable environment

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

At Quantilia, we know a quantitative manager needs access to information and data as a prerequisite to investment and portfolio management. Secured and confidential, each account is validated manually after due diligence on the individual and the company he works for. Our web-based platform is a free and easy-to-access gateway to the custom index business.

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A quick overview

Make informed investment decisions thanks to our quantitative tools designed specifically for portfolio managers

  • Filter through relevant indices with our classification
  • Build quantitative portfolios and run backtests
  • Study the risk associated to your investment