L'importance de l'indépendance

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Quantilia is a fully-independent platform, which means it can connect investors and providers in a transparent and autonomous manner.

We have no banking investors, nor do we offer any custom indices of our own. Further, we do not act as an asset manager.

Being independent means we will never favour one index or one manager: We gather all information and present it in an objective way, so investors can make their own choices and contact the providers who are most relevant to them.

By taking a neutral stance, we allow index providers to market their solutions in an equitable way, thereby facilitating the transparency which underpins the further growth of the factor-based investment market.

On the Quantilia platform, all strategies can be compared and benchmarked. Since different investors have different needs, even niche products are easily accessible and included in portfolios.

Quantilia, your independent platform dedicated to quant investments.